Apr 24, 2013

What to do with Angel?

There are going to be some mistakes in this but I'm in a hurry...

So this story starts last winter about January. I felt strongly that it was time to get a dog. I researched and found the "breed" of cockapoo and thought that sounds like the dog for us.

I found an advetisment for about half the price of a large breeder and we drove many miles to look. There were three puppies left but only two showed signs of a poodle coat. One was the largest of the litter and most afraid, the other was the smallest and the most energgetic. We decided getting two would help them be less lonely when we were gone and help make things a little easier on me since they would need less people time. (Okay we were nieve)

Fast forward a few days and the fighting begins. Not the sweet puppy fighting, the "I'm going to rip your throat out and that's just for starters!" We called a dog trainer and did what she said yet my day consisted of trying to take care of three toddlers and keep Angle (the runt) from killing Star (the larger more mischievious one).

It comntinued till we couldn't even allow them together at all. This ment a good deal of time in crates and my guilt factor rising everyday. As soon as we could we had them in training. It helped some but without warning one or the other would start it and we barly got them apart sometimesm all this in the midst of three little girls who could get hurt at anytime.

Finaly we decided to let one of them go. We decided on Star cause we knew her chances of a good home were greater since Angel was always the agressor but only toward Star, not us. 

Once Star was out of the home Angel became part of our family.

 Except that now she was going to be top dog (she even got up on our bed and peed on it right after we took her out). We never let her on the bed after that. I have been able to keep an arms length relationship with her because when I start to show her any extra love she starts testing her boundieries. For more than a year we've kept a decent balance. The girls have learned they never aproach her unless they are trying to be nice because she does not hesitate to protect herself. Joel and she have the best relationship but even he has to draw a hard line at times. I'm willing to continue this to keep our puppy.

However, within the last two weeks we haven't gone a day with someone getting nipped at (not to mention the times she's broken skin)... most of the time it's motivated by "Don't touch me" cause a girl tried to pet her gentley, "That's mine" cause she's chewing on something she shouldn't be, or "Let's play" cause she's jumping up at them as they are scared and trying to get away. Not only this but she's started disobeying the commands she thinks she can get out of. If she's far enough away to run she tried that first.

Basicly, I think it's getting dangerous but I don't know what to do. I don't want to get rid of her, but I don't know if training again will help? I've got a baby coming and while when she was little she let Ryn roll all over her, I'm not sure she'd do that now. Not to mention she getting absolutly tarified of me. I HATE that! I do bop her nose, but I don't hit her. Sometimes when I try to catch her she gets hurt but it's not badly or on purpose. Mostly she gets put outside or in her kennel when she's been disobedient or hurt someone.

Like I said, I don't know what to do.

Please, ideas? 

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Fran Ellsworth said...

You won't like my suggestion. You need to let her go, probably to someone who will have time for her. She is not a Kia type dog that will wait at the door until someone is willing to go out and sit and pet and talk with him. You with the three children and a new one on the way do not really have time for a needy dog. Children come first and she sounds a bit testy for small children.