Mar 6, 2006

A quick poem

Dearest tell me a story of worlds far away
tell me of the home from whence I have strayed
Dearest whisper of love true, dear and deep
whisper of heaven and where our family sleeps
Dearest shout of the joy that fills your soul
shout out the tune of sorrows grown old
Dearest shout out the story of whispers, of love
of our beginning in realms up above
Dearest hold my hand as we seek to see
all that we were, we are, and will be


Yrgysh said...

Seems along the lines of "the Test of Life" but slightly more upbeat. Almost as if you had found what Carry was looking for...

texasblu said...

sounds like you are doing a lot of thinking about this "boy" - lol! Good thing he is coming to meet us soon! :) I hear you're "talking" seriously??? We didn't even meet him yet! lol!!!!!!

Yrgysh said...

"talking" seriously? Do you suppose they were seriously talking seriously, or just joking about a potential future? I don;t know how it is in texas, but Utahns do have a reputation for jumping into marriage quickly. How fast would you think is too fast?

texasblu said...

How fast do I think is too fast? Hmmm... good question. I think it depends on the couple. Some thought my husband & I moved too fast - however, after dating for 3 yrs. and corresponding 2 yrs. over a mission, 4 months didn't seem like too fast! A very dear friend of mine (older man) once told me that he felt that whenever it was the right person, why wait? And I have to agree... just make sure they're RIGHT.

In Texas, I would say that the length of courting for LDS people is the same as UT... I don't know many with long engagements.

Were they talking seriously? Well, that was my question - I haven't talked to "mE" herself - I'm going by what our mother says... and you know how that can be! LOL! :)

Anonymous said...

DEFINITELY a rejoicing poem Emily! I like it. I like to think of you as happy poet not one of those depressed, dressed in black kind of dead beat ones ;) you have to much color and light for that.

texasblu said...

*GASP* Christina - you TYPED HER NAME!!! Alas, so much for blogger anonyminity! *GRINS*