Mar 30, 2007

I have to speak out!

They are all liars!
They've been sold on the same masochistic lie that their parents were sold on!
The Lord never ...anywhere... said "Life sucks. Deal with it"
No he said, "men are that they might have joy". He said that man's labor is to bring him joy...not something which he must suffer through to get to the good stuff.
So why should men have to accept working in misery... getting pot bellies from STRESS? That's not what I think the Lord had in mind!
If you aren't happy... wouldn't the Lord provide as way out? Even if it's just an aditude adjustment or learning a higher principle...or in really bad cases leaving it.
THAT much of your life(40 hours, if your lucky, a week. for minumim of 40 years) should NOT be spent in misery!


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! I totally agree! But it is scary to think about dropping the bird in hand to search for another one when we all know a bird in hand is worth two in a bush! BUT yes we are that we might have how to always have that joy even when things are kind of more the life with it model? BUT I TOTALLY agree

Anonymous said...

Hear hear! Having joy is 100% about attitude! Look at Joseph Smith and his attitude during his different trials and the one time he was in despair, the lord's cancel. Life does not suck! It would only suck if we were not allowed this wonderful opportunity to get bodies and prove ourselves. so you tell'em mE

texasblu said...

i have a new perspective. For us, I no longer worry about it. Because it is ALL TEMPORARY.

You know, back when we were having issues and living with Grandma, it wasn't until he opted to work t McDonald's to keep from having NOTHING come in - and then the doors opened to us. I think it was a humility issue. True, J has selected a career, but when I watch men who go for years without any income at all because they are looking for something in their field, I have to wonder. Just because you take something to pay the bills at the moment does NOT mean you are stuck there for 40 yrs.

Life is what you make it. You have the power to choose. Make your choice, and then ask for a confirmation. If it is a good one, the spirit will let you know. If it isn't, you'll know that too. I think we make it harder on ourselves by expecting the Lord to make the choice for us. That's not the point - we have to do the choosing, then the asking.