May 28, 2007

Another Rebelous speach.

“Happiness is fleeting.”
So they say. And who are “They” that they can tell me how long I can keep my happiness? Oh sure circumstances chance quickly. But what does that have to do with my state of happiness? Are these the same “they” who say I must suffer through the majority of my life to get to the good part? I mean really! Who put such negative people in charge of saying what life is like? Did they EVER get to the “good” part? And why do we not only listen to them but adapt their philosophies into our lives and then wonder why we’re not happy? “They” obviously weren’t either. Is it possible they are right?
HECK NO! I say we rebel! I say “we” become the “They”s for our children. So our children may say “They say life is wonderful. And so it has become.”


texasblu said...

THEY are wrong.

Man is that he might have joy.

Happiness is only fleeting if you allow it.

texasblu said...

So, doesn't little bit give you inspriation for new stories? Or are you too busy as a new Mom, which is entirely possible. hehe

How old is she now anyway? I'm so confused. I didn't even write down her birthdate! My bad - let me know what it is for the family records - I need to get with you and get all that stuff. Egads.