Sep 27, 2007

The King Returns

Quick comment: I wrote this awhile back and forgot to post it... I need to work on the last post so don't stop giving critiques... I need them. Thanks :)

Here's the story...

In the dim twilight no one saw him enter. The man in the shadows seemed like just another dancing branch of the willow tree, dark against the brilliant lights of the party. They continued their revelry, watching, laughing, singing, dancing, and he remained unnoticed as he moved toward the refreshment table. Now it must be understood that it was very late and everyone had long ago given up watchfulness. They were all drunk with the time and the energy it took to revel.
There were, however, in the very back of the crowd a row of men and women who bleary eyed scanned the crowd and watched the entrances. Some even dozed off only to be tapped awake again by those sitting next to him. They had been watching for so long and yet the party grew more boisterous and the revelers more prevalent and they less heeded. Their invitation has said how the party was to go. Yet the Lord of the house still had not returned from his long absence. And those who continued to wait for him to start the party were left sitting while the party seemed to take place without them. And those who sat in the row waiting had long given up trying to remind them, for the music was too loud and the revelers too drunk.
The servants of the house brought out more food. The music band played gaily whatever the rioting crowd requested. And the people forgot why they were there, and in who’s garden they danced.
He watched from the shadows for some time, his eyes ablaze with feeling. How much he had to share with them if they had but waited!
A loud crash sounded out, stopping the music cold. Laugher sounded hollowly and choked to a stop as all eyes turned to see him. Standing in His glory with the table over turned. Each one sobered instantly as realization dawned. How came he to stand in the mist of them and they not notice it? Those who had been waiting leaned forward now completely awake again and ecstatic for his return. But the revelers? They stood in fright. Some at the edge of the crowd turned to flee. Others hung their heads and walked quickly by. None could meet his eyes, so filled with hurt, pity and righteous anger. None could continue to revel when suddenly they remembered all they had not done.
At last the garden emptied, leaving only he and they who had waited. Till now they had said nothing, just watched the frightful event. Now he turned to them and smiled. He signaled the servants and the party began.
The best fruit had not been touched for it had been saved for his return. The sweetest music had not been played for the riotous group knew not what to request. And to those who had waited he told his tale. Of all the knowledge he had and the kingdoms he had gained for them.


texasblu said...

So this is a parable of the Savior's Return?

Anonymous said...

Maybe it could have a specific person's eyes that is seen through and not be so general? To make it more personal. Reminded me of parable of the ten virgins as well.