May 20, 2008

It's been awhile

But here's some poetry. It stinks but is all that would come this morning.

Pride rejecth ... Pride Falleth

Mary, Mary, she stood upon the leaves of truth.
She stood and knew not what to do.
Happiness, Happiness lay beyond her reach
Yet it lay beneath her feet.
All she must do is bend and lift it to her.
Yet she stood looking upon it there.
Sadness, Sadness had she but bent lily white nee
What joy might have been?
Mary, Mary make your way away.
Follow not that path, go not that way.
Joy, Joy that might be.
Stoop and lift of the truth
Of what is and will be.
Bend thy neck to see what lies upon thy path.
Fear not and do not disdain.
Joy, Joy is all yours for this one thing
Truth lays beneath your feet
You have but to lift and embrace it.

My talent...
Can you open the door to magic?
Can you reach out and retrieve what once was lost
Now calls to me
“Help please, help, before the tide carries me away.”?
You are what I can not see and yet
I heard you whisper to me
My heart is happy when I turn away
Why do you call to me still?
Am I great that you have chosen me?
It is it servitude that you require?

I reach heart longing to touch you and be fulfilled
Yet like bitter woman you turn and flee
Why did you call me here just to turn away?
I hate you
I love you
Shall I ever bring you back some day?

I laughed this morning.
Then I heard your voice.
I run to capture you, yet you allude me.
My life is in shambles
And you, evil lady,


texasblu said...

The first one I have to read again - not sure what you're trying to say.

The second is soooo painful! Why do you see your talent as evil mE? I weep for your talent, who unlike you, I see:

Beckoning, calling, begging
for blessed release;
Imprisoned by feeling of inadequacy
longing instead for peace.


Trust yourself, and trust your process. If it's not your season, it's not. I wish you were happier. Maybe the one on ones will help. :)

mE said...

I'm not unhappy... please don't feel like I am...but there are things which I am unhappy with.
The first poem... well I don't know what it means either... it was free style and just what came out... if you find the meaning please let me know :).
The second one... have you ever seen something but the minute you focus on it it disapears? That is how I feel when I sit down to write. That morning I had been filled with the feeling... then as I sat down to capture it... I couldn't make anything come... it was worse than a wall it was emptyness. And so I was It happens... Some day... someday it will be my day again. :)

texasblu said...

I get that - that's how I felt when I wrote "Wretched Affair".

I have a hard time with free verse - sometimes people are so wrapped up in images they don't say anything - it's just a bunch of images thrown together. I don't think that's what u were doing - it's a problem I have.