Feb 13, 2009

So... I can decide...

Should I go cronologicaly and catch everyone up to speed (probably not in a very speedy manner)?
Or Should I post as the inspiration presents itself?

Basiclly should I putmyself in a box?

Or allow creative (though unpredictable) license?


What say you?


skinny minny said...

trying to catch us all up on the last 6 months is a BIG task and I have always found it best to just go forward. Updating/catching up as the mood/inspiration hits. and PICTURES are worth a thousand words.
love ya!

texasblu said...

I like creative license. :)

Little Miss Sunshine said...

LOL! Although the box is very cute when presented this way. I think the zany, creative, as it presents itself. sounds so much more fun! Very cute,

hummer said...

The girls said it all.
Love the pics.