Sep 2, 2009

The men in her life...

There are three men in my life. Fathers, Noble Priesthood bearers true.
Once they held me in a circle and blessed my life with Heaven's view.

Now daily I know my needs are provided for.

Through faith and example they teach me just what to do...

Here's a few things they taught me that I can say are true.

Don't hide in your shell... smile at the world!

Take a joke and make a joke ... but keep on laughing no matter how old.

Stand in Holy places for the closer you are to the Temple, the closer you are to Home.

Dance through life with the ones you love because dancing solo is no fun... no matter how much attention you get.

There is beauty in all of life and magic to be learned in every trial, when faced with your hand in the Lord's.

there are Knights in shining armor all around me... So that I may know one when I see one.

Have patients with those you are teaching... they're likely to fling the flour. But in the end the pancakes taste better for the time well spent.

No matter where you're at... you can wear a hat, like life, with style...

And the hat that fits is the one that brings joy to all around.

So now I'll pick up the hat they have passed down to me. I'll learn from lessons of their lives that encircle me and know Heaven has blessed me.


Laurie said...

Cute Em! Nice pictures...I really like the HAT theme at the end and of course Grandpa A. giving himself bunny ears :) hehe

Edward Ellsworth said...

Beautiful Post. Loved it, Thanks.

Texasblu said...

That one of Dad - I hadn't seen that one. Maybe it's a good thing the Lord kept me from seeing him.

Little Miss Sunshine said...

Okay don't know why but I started crying in that post. Maybe b/c it's getting near to the anniversary of our last holiday with him.
Thanks for posting that :)

hummer said...

Thank you Emily.I love you.