Jul 19, 2010


Ok so I'm answering the slice of life post.
Bugs are my friends!
You would think I was brought up in a home of Budist monks... instead of a bunch of Southern (swat/splat/spray) women.
I wasn't always so merciful. But I prided myself on being able to kill without running or screaming. I'd just stomp them with no fear. Except spiders, I'd stomp them but the fear was the motivation.
I don't know when, but I realized most bugs aren't out to get me and suddenly I can't kill them without reason. And that reason has to be more than just inconvience.
Now there's two slightly horrifying stories to go with this.
One. I ws explaining my feelings to one of my friends one day and she looked down at the side walk at some ants that were crawling by and stomped and twisted. Then she looked at me very pleased with herself and said, "Guess I'm not to that level yet." LOL. She's a corker. But I feel bad that my comment cost those ants their lives. Oh my.
Then there was my husband. He's been having to deal with this and one day (I don't remember what kind of bug it was) but he thought it had somehow tried to hurt me. So his defence button was pushed. I caught it in a paper towel and asked him to take it outside. He carried it about three feet then "accidently dropped it", then thud/splat! "Woops". LOL, yeah right.
I don't tip toe over them, but I try not to hurt them if they don't hurt me first.
PS Mom, misquitos and black widdows are exceptions to thhis. I must protect my babies after all.


hummer said...

You are trying to be a thoughtful person. I understand that. But the bug and I are still at odds as to who the garden belongs to.

Little Miss Sunshine said...

How about Fire Ants little Missy! :P
They will eat your babies if given the chance and make off with your wardrobe in the process. You know I'm not kidding. You've seen what they can do to a baby deer. I'm going to start a club for irradicating fire ants. They will only be allowed on ant farms. LOL.

Texasblu said...

This, coming from the girl who wanted a worm for a pet. Are we surprised? Um.. no.

I totally hear your voice in this. Awesome.