Feb 2, 2012

Will I Still Love Him When He’s Gone Bald?

I know that now
Is the time to chose my Prince.

But sometimes I look
And just have to wince.

All joking aside
I just want to know

Will I still love him when he’s gone bald?

What about age spots?
If his nose grows TOO big!?

What if he’s unfaithful?

What if he breaks my heart?

What if my children
Have no one to look to

For blessings and baptisms

And dancing at their weddings?

What if he’s lazy? After the dating is over…
How can I KNOW he’ll be there to grow old?
What if he doesn’t love me?

My dear young friend…
Let me assure you there’s hope to be had
Of love that lasts forever
And great fathers and Granddads.

How can you be sure, he’s the right one for you?

I would go get my list but I’ve found not to bother.

Love may come in any corner and the list goes out the window.

When chosing a mate
Just two things I would mention,
First and formost, are you worth the bother?

Make the most of yourself and you’ll find you can’t stand
those who would not be the greatest of men.

Second is a trick that served me well
What he’s doing now is the easiest way to tell

What he’ll be doing years from now

Ask him why and who he is.

Don’t dream of something greater and tack it on to him.

How will you know if you’ll love him when he’s bald?
Why that’s the simplest of all
You’ll love and be attracted to the man whom you chose
Our desire dictates eye sight
Now hearken to this truth.
Once you’ve chosen and he’s yours

You must never forget
He is your Prince and the best one you’ll get.
So chose to love him chose to find
Him attractive body and mind

In the end you’ll find old age
Is pleasantest with the one who helped you turn the future’s page.


Aine said...

Agree. What I've learned too is that love is organic - it can't stand to stagnate. So you'll think THIS is why you love him, and then when he DOES hurt you (because we're all human so we all do it to each other) you have to choose to fall in love again. If you do, you'll find a new reason why you love them, and it will be deeper. And deeper. Until it's eternal.

Hummer said...

Well said both of my daughters. You continue to love him when he is gone to Heavenly Father.