Jan 17, 2006

The sky is almost green. It’s eerie, as though the world has grown sick from something. I usually enjoy the night breeze when I slowly roll down our long steep driveway. Tonight there is no breeze, no air at all. I want to run into Abby’s arms. I’m sure she’s waiting for me on the porch, like she always is. Ready to welcome me into to our new home.
Finally I leave the thick line of trees and at last the house is in view. But Abby isn’t there. Suddenly, the world grows even stiller. I hadn’t thought it possible. The stiller it grows the sicker I feel. Where’s Abby? She called today while I was at work. When was that? At last my car reaches its destination. Leaping out, I charge for the open front door.

“Mr. Sanders… Mr. Sanders, I only have a few questions for you tonight.”
Questions? I have one too. “Where’s Abby?”
The man across from me looks up with a strange look of surprise. “What did you ask Mr. Sanders?”
I glance around for a moment. Then I see her through the dark glass. Oh what a relief! She’s just waiting for me to finish with this police report. I motion that I’ll only be a moment longer. She smiles encouragement. Her hair is down just the way I like it. She never wears her hair down in public. It’s been a hard night for her, though.
Looking back at the man, I apologize. “Forgive me, I’m just a little out of sorts. What did you ask?”
The man glanced behind himself at the glass, then turned back to me. “What happened when you got home tonight, Mr. Sanders? Go through it slowly, please. Remember one thing at a time from the moment you got out of the car.”
“I ran into the house.”
“Why were you running?”
“Abby wasn’t on the front porch but the door was open. I was worried.”
“Go on.”
“I got into the house. Everything was a mess. The furniture was turned over and papers were everywhere. The safe was in the middle of the floor. I called for Abby. Nobody answered but I heard footsteps in the kitchen. So, I ran in. There was a man running out the back door.”
“Did you see his face?”
“No just the back of his head.”
“What color was his hair?”
“He was wearing a hat or something.”
“Did you try to follow him?”
“No, something else caught my attention…” I can’t remember what it was, though. I feel so hollow when I try.
“What was it that caught your attention sr.?”
“I…I…I can’t…” I start to cry, but I’m not sure why. What was it? What did I see? The man nods as though he understands. “I only have one more question for you tonight. Do you know where your wife is now?”
I look over at Abby, just seeing her there calms me. Her eyes are sad, as though she understands why I want to go. “She’s here.”
“Here?” the large man’s eyebrow lifts questioningly.
“Not right here, of course. But in the other room.”
He frowns a little before replying. “I see.” He stands up to leave. “Someone will be in in a moment to help you fill out some of the paper work. Then you’ll be free to go. We’ll be keeping in touch with you.” He turns to leave then stops and turns back. “I’d seek counsel if I were you, Mr. Sanders. It’s very important at this time.”
I nod as he leaves but all the counsel I want right now is the comfort of Abby’s arms. I wait for what seems an eternity, at last Abby glances at her watch and motions she has to go. Blowing me a kiss, she mouths that she’ll meet me at home. I nod and she’s gone.
After waiting another small eternity a smaller man comes in and asks question after question. I answer what I can and finally I am free to go.

It’s rained a little and the road is slick but I won’t slow down. I want to get home and into Abby’s warm safe embrace. I only have trouble with one sharp curve. Then everything goes still.
The sky is almost green. It’s eerie…


Yrgysh said...

Ok, so that's a bit disturbing.

^_^ said...

lol. I knew he was going to kill himself.

I liked how you did it so matter of factly. Twas a nice touch, and how you showed how out of touch he was with the world and so obsessed with Abby.

Me like ^_^