Jan 11, 2006

Thoughts on writing

Ok... so after I wrote that short story... yesterday in my home and family living class... the Prof told us about his and his wife's journey through cancer and her death last year... now my story seems very fickle and pail next to this story...because the whole family was united in their efforts to create memories over a three year period and to serving as much as they could together before she left... and it was just amazing!... there wasn’t a dry eye in the class room. Not because he told it with stile, he simply read the facts from a sheet of paper which to begin with was very boring… but then as the story unfolded, and you thought of your own dear ones and you wondered what you would have done in their place, you didn’t need beautiful words, nor dramatic detail. All that was necessary was a heart.
So here's the thought... is it worth writing if it's not of eternal value?... and what has fiction got that can compare with the true beauty of the hundreds of true stories of people over coming and soaring to the heights of divine nature?
There’s so much to write. So many stories. Everyone has them running around in their heads. ‘Today’s list of things to do’, or ‘The Secret Fantasy of John Smith’ or ‘The Night the Aliens Attacked, by little Bobby’ etc. etc. No mind is without thoughts of a fictional character… because even that list of things to do may never happen. But which ones are worth plucking out of the heart and mind and writing down? And which ones will inspire the greater living of reality and not just fantasy?
They say write what you know…. So this next story in an effort to do so… but… is it worth writing? That what I want to know.


texasblu said...

Again, a resounding YES!!! But read the email I sent. HUGZ!!

^_^ said...

Everyone has stories, but not everyone is affected the same way by a story.

I remember reading a sad story that really touched me and helped me to learn things about myself. I then gave it to a friend, thinking she'd like it, too. She couldn't stand it. It was too depressing for her.

So, there needs to be a variety of stories for everyone. There are so many different types of people and we all learn a different way. If we only write stories that seem to hit 'big' with a lot of people, then we miss the stories that hit a particular person who needs it so much more than the large mass of people.

Fiction can also reach people in a way a true story can't. In a true story, you are sympathizing and feel their pain. In fiction, it *becomes* your pain, since you tend to put yourself into the story. It can also allow you to step back and look at your life in a different aspect.

So, I'd say, every story is important, whether of eternal nature or not. Just think what would happen if we could only talk about big and dramatic things. Where would the jokes go and the laughter?

We need the little, 'insignificant' things to keep us through the big, dramatic events in our lives.

At that's my two cents :)