Mar 17, 2009

Can't Pinch me! I'm the Shamrock Woman! :p


texasblu said...

lol - i wore Redbeard's grandmother's ring - it has an emerald in the middle. hehe

skinny minny said...

so you made that? I didn't really wear any green my chef's jacket has green trim around the name so that counted and when i wasn't at work there was a tiny splotch of green on my sunset shirt but you had to look for it.

mE said...

No I didn't make that I just found it. It actually looked much cooler when it was small.
I forgot to wear green completly till at young womens when EVERYONE was wereing LARGE amounts of green. One girl even had shamrock face paint and flashing green earings. I borrowed another leaders green braclet (wich I forgot to give back to her till I got home) not that Anyone would have pinched me... They don't know my well enough yet.
Skinny Minny's shirt sounds like green underwear... you wear so that when other people pinch you you can pinch back twice as hard. At least those are the rules we played by.