Mar 19, 2009


My Man said I let out the magic smoke... Should we have a burial service?


texasblu said...

How do you wash a camera?

mE said...

Well you see when you come back from vacation and you just throw a whole bunch of laundry into the wash... you don't connect the thought of "Iwonder where the camera is?". Espashally when you husband always does such a great job of cleaning out his pocket and you ushually don't have any.
The stupid part... I told Joel to give away the cheep camera the day before because "I don't want a whole bunch of things where not using laying around the house."... So here's to all you pack rats... prehapse you're the smarter ones in the end.
I hope I didn't ruin the memory card cause I did want some of those pictures from Snt George.

Little Miss Sunshine said...

So did you ruin the memory card? And don't feel bad, everyone has "oh no" times like that. I remember when I washed my phone b/c I was wearing a stupid spring gardens shirt that had a pencil pocket and forgot that I had put the phone in there b/c of course I never wore that stupid shirt and I never put a phone in a breast pocket before. happens :)

LaurieE said...

Ah! That good camera went kaput (sp?) just before st. I used my functioning but very beat up camera the whole time. Glad I'm one of those pack rats you spoke of. (Except for when I look at our storage area..ay)