Apr 16, 2009

I HATE morningsickness!

Is there anyway to possibly express how much I dispise and hate morning sickness?!
\Last night a woman who just left her first trimester was talking abt how little she experienced it... this did not bother me... then she started talking about throwing up and I couldn't handle it! I wanted to keep the browniee I was eating down thankyou very much!
That being said she didn't know. We havn't told many people outside the family.
But reiterate... I hate loth dispise morningsickness.
Though I think it's harder to deal with this time because it will be weeks before I know if the baby is doing well and growing or not. At least knowning it is doing well makes it worth it yes?
enough of my pesimim


skinny minny said...

big hug!and that's all I got! so another... BIG HUG

texasblu said...


At least you have a crazy sister to call and distract you first thing out of bed who yells, "Oh SHOOT! I just ran a red light!!!!"


Little Miss Sunshine said...

I do to! Even if I don't have it as bad. I do hate being constantly nauseated.

flibbertigibbet said...

Ahhh.... what we do for those kids. By the time they are a year old you almost forget how horrible it was being pregnant. Thanks for the reminder, and just hold T and remember why you are doing it again.

LaurieE said...

Yuck! I didn't have morningsickness with Lil...it was more of an all day sickness. At least you can look forward to the high probability of it going away in a relatively short amount of time :) love ya. take care.