Apr 1, 2009

So one more announcement.

Well maybe one more... or maybe more you never know till you're done. Little T would like to say that she LOVES her dog! More than her parents because she'll give it kisses and not her parents. *sigh* I'm not sure I want the dog anymore. LOL!

But no... the announcement is that we are pregnant.

We've had no problems since "the scare" and morning sickness just getts funner.
Yay for blessngs :)


texasblu said...

Glad you're getting better! And whatever happens, I know it'll be what's best for you and your family.

Geez, you're the third pregnancy announcement I've read this morning - glad it's not mine! LOL!

Little Miss Sunshine said...

Hey what was "the scare"? Did I miss something? And as I said earlier....Yay! Congratulations. Now you can be happy for me too ;)

LaurieE said...

Horray!!! How far along? I am so excited for you guys :) What was the scare?

Lily still can't stop talking about little T but now she's added Annie to her list of favorites and she talks about her too. Wish you guys were closer. Love and miss you all.

congrats again!

mE said...

It's like five-six weeks... it's still very early.
The scare was so bleeding and lack of simptoms. Now I deffinatly have symptoms and the bleeding has stopped altogther.
Everytime I don't want to move for nausia I have going through the back of my head "This is a great thing I know the babies doing ok so long as I'm sick." LOL how's that for morbid?