May 14, 2009

In the words of Mother

I just had a TooFunny!
I was blogging and turned around to see Little T with a towel in her mouth. Not so bad but at the other end of the towel was the dog. They were growling at eachother!
A little while later I hear T saying "No!" and chasing after the dog. I tell him to drop whatever he's got and watch her pick up the same towel and stick it in her mouth and trot back over to me.

Guess we know who she came from.

Yesterday I told Yrgysh that if I had a book of scriptures it would go "I mE having been born of weird parents, having grown up in a strange place with strange siblings, therefor I am weird and strange."


skinny minny said...

I like the beginning of that book of scripture...oh and you do...kind is called a journal. :)really enjoyed talking with you the other night.
Love ya!

Little Miss Sunshine said...

Crack me up!

hummer said...

I resemble that

Edward Ellsworth said...

Don't try to blaim your strangness on us. It's natural!-spoken with a snotty accent