May 25, 2009

Random Ramblings

So the dog is gone... decided things were getting worse and not better (he randomly started pooing on the floor every night...) and that with a baby coming we need things to be better not worse. So no dog for awhile. Experience triumphs again *sigh*

I can't figure out why my blog side bar is down at the bottom of all the about inconvenient.

We got little T a slide... it's fun ($15)

OH! and my favorite!
Our front yard is bursting with roses! It's so pretty... if extremly haphazard (whoever chose the colors didn't have a sceme they just put lots of roses.... Though some do match which means at one point they were probably corodinated and then whoever replaced them didn't know what they were doing) ANyway... I wish I had the camera... there's a tall arching bush that has tiny yellow roses (it's almost done blooming...sandess) and ever so many other kinds and colors... there's also these large puffy flowers that accent here and there... they are fun and exciting. And right by the door are snap dragons (I LOVE SNAP DRAGONS!) two colors and there's been a conversant one almost daily since they bloomed. I shall look forward to summer ever year we live here.

The End


texasblu said...

Oooooo! Roses! Love those - no mater the color. :D

Marian & Edward said...

How pretty! I want roses. . .

Little Miss Sunshine said...

Your killing me! I need to see pictures now! AAAAAAAAARRRRRGGHHHHHHHH! Sorry the dog didn't work out. You need a fish ;) so that Little T can take it for a walk and give it a bath. He he! Hugz!