Jul 9, 2009

Goodnews...a short story

As Dawn Aproaches

Thus when Dawn aproches the night must flee away.
Bringing with her grace and beauty
And the unforgiving Day.

Like midnight he crept with unperceivable speed to see what strange group had invade his relm. A hooded cloak masking his identity and blending him further into the darkness that permeated the dense wood. The hunted must not be seen, even if the huntress was not in site.
“We shall be home soon.” The Lady in the center said in a smallish frightened voice. No one answered but the horses. Her white fur lined cloak rippled softly making it seem as though she were aglow in the dim candle light. Her face like his was hidden beneath a large hood. She was at the center of the secrecy that pervaded this group’s purpose. He must watch, follow till their purpose be known or their presence departed.

A large clysdale carrying an equally large man trotted excitedly back along the ranks. “Your Highness, the way is clear. We’ve found no evidence of an ambush.”
“Very good. Then we shall…”
A scream broke through the night air like the first spark in a flash fire. Thuds and moans mingled with fresh screams of terror as horses pranced wildly out of control causing as much of the confusion as the attack.
The cloaked figure reached for a nearby branch and swung himself upward. Ascending quickly thirty feet into the stately pine canopy. The whole desperate scene lay below him.
Men and horses on the path were quickly falling. Some tried to flee others shot their arrows though their wild darting eyes saw no one.

In the trees, about ten feet below him other intruders shot carefully taking down their marks with an easy that spoke of long experience. They were few of number but their tactic did not call for numbers.
These must be the danger the stars had warned him of.
A high pitched female scream pierced his ears causing him to lose his grip for a moment. Looking back he saw the white flowing figure being unceremoniously wrenched from her mount and trust over the front of the saddle of the monstrous horse. The man threw his head back and laughed, a sound which bellowed his triumph above the quickly fading din of agony.
The warning had said danger was coming. He had assumed it meant danger to him. Without wasting another moment he swept down from the trees. His momentum allowing him to knock two of the archers from their perch. Moments later he landed in a crouch with a sickening crack, the two men pinned unmoving beneath him.
“Release her.” He hissed, his voice carrying like an ever fading never dyeing echo. The man high above just laughed and pulled his stallion into a full rear.
Dodging the flailing hooves, the cloaked one pushed off the trunk of a nearby tree and thrust himself at the giants and his load. The three plummeted to the ground landing in a heap. The giant at the bottom. Not waiting for the temporarily still figure to move, he swept the lady up and spirited her away.

A sharp night breeze informed him they had reached the edge of the forest and as far as he dared go.
Slowing to a stop he set her down. Her cloak still covered all but her delicate lips. Patting her hand gently he called her back to consciousness. “My Lady, My Lady. I must leave you now but my friends the stars will protect you.”
A perverse smile spread across the seemingly tender lips. “No they shant.” The man jerked back as the familiar voice assaulted his ears. “They shall flee from the sky as they have always done.” Slender glowing fingers reached up to touch the hood. “Ten years of never ending darkness is too longer brother Night. And yet you made this hunt especially good. But I have won at last.” With a flick of the fingers and one last shudder of horror and disbelief from him, her hood fell and a radiant light burst forth.
And he knew that his rein was over for Dawn was upon him.

This art work was found through google search no infringment on right was intended. The only one who I know I borrowed from was by Liga marta Klavina (the man and woman on horse back.)


Little Miss Sunshine said...

I love your short stories! That one was definitely cool! And you did good choosing pics that enhanced the words.

Texasblu said...

Wonderful! Dang you've got a great imagination. Wish I had it.

I don't know if I answered your email.. I've been coming and going at the same time this week and now I'm paying the price. I don't think there's anything wrong with writing short stories - in fact, most fairy stories ARE short stories. And they make movies from those short stories. So doing short stories instead of novels is NOT QUITTING... it's playing your strengths! :D