Jul 16, 2009


I was thinking about Mary and MArtha today listening to some music and I had an Ah.
I've often heard these two women discussed in classes and private. Always the conclution is that Martha wasn't bad she was just too occupied in the worldly things. Preparing for this feast (or whatever) was more important to her than listening to the Savior. But what if...
What if deep in her heart all Martha desporatly wanted was to please her Lord? Everything she ws doing was in an effort to lighten His load and bring him joy. She was doing everything a Jewess had been taught to bring honor and delight to his Heart. What if the only thing she was missing wasn't over care for things of the world but a lack of understanding that the best way to please the Lord is to get to know him? Then all the duties we take on for this world will be nothing but a joy to Him. Until we come to know Him though... He watches as we go back and forth trying to please Him and wonders when we will see Him standing there waiting to help.


Little Miss Sunshine said...

Wow that was a good Ah moment! Thanks for sharing :)

Texasblu said...

What is it He says?

"Come unto me"?

Good one. :)