Aug 18, 2009

Another Outburst

I just read some athiest comments to a song I like. Then... in seeking to feel something other than sad and depressed... I went to the LDS channel and listened to some comments about never being alone.
I can not discribe the feelings I have inside. I know when I listen/or read the words of those who call religion a "crutch", a "way to fill up your empty lives", "for the week"... I feel week, depressed, aloneness in their words.
There is no joy, just critisisim and mockery. I also read some responses from those who are anxious to "correct" their opinion and feel, anger and the need to be right.
When I go over and hear simple stories of God teaching eternal truths, it is freeing, so peacful and full of quiet joy and dignaty.

I have my own story. It is growing every day. I know that my knowledge is imperfect and would only be derided by those who make those kinds of comments. It would truly hurt me to post something sacred to me and be told I am a "moron"... or something simular. I wish to state here where it is my place to be and say the truth...

I know there is a God. He has spoken to my heart in a way I could never deny. I do not understand His ways fully but I know He is teaching me. I love Him and His Son with all my heart.


Little Miss Sunshine said...

I am soooo crying. In a good way :)

Texasblu said...

Well ddang it - I hadn't been back to check on you in awhile because you stopped posting, then I come back there's all this stuff. :P Love the pics, love that you spoke your mind, and here's what I have to offer about this:

I am stronger than any person I know without God. I've walked with Him, and without Him, and I'll take with Him everyday. I don't care what those who seek to please the arm of the flesh - what do they matter in the grand scheme? They may not know it, but their mockery and their criticism only shows their jealousy of what we have, which they COULD have, but first they will have to soften their hearts. I give you the Lamans and Lemuels of the world.

The ones that truly make me sad, are the ones that are genuinely concerned for our welfare because they think we're a cult or deceived. I know their heart is in the right place, but for some reason they cannot see.

Maybelle said...

Okay, I know your post is old, but I just saw it for the first time. Sorry! So I was in a staff development tonight, and the presenter was asking us for ways to relieve stress. She mentioned that prayer was a common stress-reliever. However, she likened it to yoga - becoming fully self aware or some weirdo stuff like that. I was just thinking "She's totally missing the point!" Prayer works as a stress-reliever because WE ARE CASTING OUR BURDEN ON THE LORD AND HE LIGHTENS OUR LOAD! I am so glad to have sisters-in-law who have strong testimonies and help build me up as well. Thanks for sharing, Em!