Aug 15, 2009

I'm going to do/say something I don't usually do....

I'm going to speak my mind.... It may be long it may be short but here goes.
I've just read an article I saw on a news line. It makes me incredibly sad. It literally makes me hurt to see people use the media to present one side of a story while using a few twisted comments to make it seem as though they are sharing both sides.
Why did I vote "yes" to 8? I did it for two reasons.
1... get this I know it's going to be hard to swallow... The Prophet said. I try to make my voting a spiritual thing. I want the Lord to lead this country, I should allow Him to lead my voting. If I sustain the President of the church as a Prophet (which I do) if he stands up and speaks out about something political (a VERY rare thing) I take notice and obey.
2... I would have voted "yes" anyway... after much debate of both sides... and trying to understand why the church would take this stand I realized two things. One was that under California law partners recieve all the same benifites that married people do. There for no "rights" are with held except the right to be called "married". So why should they push so hard to be called married? Then they have to deal with divorce and they have a high split up rate... It didn't make sense. Until I realized that they could then come and say "We have the "right" to be married." And any institution that said "no" could be put under legal action as having denied them their "rights". ... Why did Wilford Woodruff instruct the saints to stop practicing polygamy? Because it would have stopped the work of the temples. Why do I personally think we were told to fight so hard against this legislation? Because it had the possiblity of stopping the temple work in those areas...
Now that being said, I do not think that was the motive behind most of the supporters. I think most of them are people who are hurting and want to be seen as normal, good people. I think most of them are good poeple. I will not deny I am a bit of a homofobe... I don't like it about myself but it bothers me.. makes me sad for them. Would I like to be seen that way? No. Would I like others to see me as normal and aceptable? Yes. So, my heart goes out to those who are truly hurting. I wish I could make everything ok... but I can not. All I can do is love you and offer my support in rightous things. I could not support my loved ones in smoking and/or drugs... how could I in true love support someone in something that is as detrimental to their spirits? Yet I can love them. Period. I do not believe in "Love me, love my dog."

So there. I have spoken. I have many other opionions on many other topics but after reading that story and realizing how it was being used to misrepresent... I felt the need to represent myself.


Edward Ellsworth said...

I just spent half the afternoon reading articles on this topic. Sad and pathetic. This never was about the rights of individuals, or about individuality. This truly is a war between God's church and those who oppose him. Something that concerns me just as much, if not more, is the growing power of gangs. Organized crime is more powerful and accepted than ever before yet people seem to ignore it like it does not even exist. It takes some major praying to help calm my spirit, but no guns yet.

mE said...

I'm ignoring it cause I didn't know it is a big deal.... is it? I thought it was something that is big in lower income down town areas where people feel the need to belong... Tell me more.