Aug 28, 2012

Hope, Faith, and Charity

How Hope met Faith, and the subsequent advent of Charity.

Hope new there was someone special out there for him. He just didn’t know where.

He struggled to do more than stare at the stars and dream of the day he would find her.

One day that star looked down on Faith and told her just who Hope was. Faith got up and started searching.

At last Faith found Hope and smiled upon him. Hope looked up at Faith and knew she was the right one.

Faith and Hope were soon married and found themselves going on adventures. Hope would dream and Faith would lead and together they went everywhere.

One night, after seeing the sadness’ of the World, Hope prayed for the power to help all those in need. That night he dreamed of a child, a gift to all the world, He would succor all their needs and brake the torturer’s hold.

Soon Faith brought forth a child handsome and strong. They named him Charity.

Now they roamed together. Hope would dream of where to go, Faith would get them there, and Charity, their gorgeous child, would lift all around with His loving care.

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