Aug 28, 2012

Just for fun

Time stands still for only a moment when two worlds of separate dimensions collide and then sift through each other leaving behind strange evidences but only enough to baffle the wise.

Once long ago, an ancient world of giants left behind only the bones of their dead. Scientists named the Giants dinosaurs and foolishly dated our own world by them. Sometime later a very small but strange planet only caught a tiny corner of our world leaving behind a pair of duckbilled platypuses, a joke of nature on both planets as it turns out.

Perhaps one of the most frightening passes was when a planet, dying from over population, left behind thousands of the offending creatures. How I shudder at what almost became of our beautiful earth. We all owe our lives to the brave, stupid yet brave birds that first began to consume bugs. Alas, it’s still their intent to overcome this world but fortunately they are small to us.

Now as I stare up into the heavens a they twinkle in just such a manner, a chill runs up my spin as they seem to whisper, an invisible giant is headed your way, only after the passing will you know how your world has changed.

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