Dec 15, 2009

Time Time, Who's got the time?

Often in talking to friends and family, I hear the complaint that there just isn't enough time.
Ushually I'm on the opposit side where I keep my schedule so free that I have to come up with projects just to feel productive. I do it on purpose because I want to be free for the most part to drop everything and do something more important if I should deem it so.

But this week I find myself with a problem. I've come up with projects (Christmas present and decorations) but I find my hands free only so often (a new baby seems to need lots of mommy holding time and the toddler seems to require what's left.).
Still I was progressing and I knew I'd atleast finish the presents in time for Christmas.... Then this morning I have felt like perhapse there is something more I should be doing....Something I can't seem to figure out ... because my mind keeps saying "Where is there time for anything else? Have you seen the kitchen? The laundry reallyy needs to be folded. You've been selfish this year and now you only have a week or so till you need to have all your ggifts ready..." and on and on.

I have the time... I just can't tell where to spend it, or how...
Presdent Uctdorph said that if I can be motivated by love of God and my fellow men everything else will work out.

So my Christmas goal is to figure out... how I can best show my love for God and His children.

Wish me luck. :)

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Texasblu said...

So sad about the poem. :'(

Nifty new look!

And good luck... if you figure it out, let me know.... :P