Dec 28, 2009

You know life is going to be interesting when...

Your daughter dresses up in a tinker bell outfit and then grabs a purse exclaiming "CAR!" and runs to fill her purse with hot wheels.
Your daughter is in the middle of throwing a fit and stops suddenly exclaiming "PLANE!" because she can hear one flying over.
Your daughter realizes the baby is missing and comes to feel your tummy... it came out of there it must be able to go back.

Just a few of the interest moments we've had today... do you think she's a engineer's daughter?

Did I mention that you can't get her atention at all if she's trying to figure something out?


Texasblu said...

hahahahaha - it only gets better from here on out! :D

Happy New Year! Love that pic of her peeking out from behind the tree!

babyface1217 said...

HAHAHA!!! That's cute! She's gotten big!!! I haven't seen her in a while!