Feb 5, 2010

Adjustment of plans...

Well. After some thought (and a little pulling out of my hair)Yrygsh and I realized that we had already made the gluten adjust last year. It's taken a year to both be ok with it as a permanant situation and to learn how to work with the replacement foods. So one down, YAY!
So in light of that information we decided to take the next adjustments just as slow. This coming year we will edit out sugar replacing it with agave. In the years to come we will furthure the adjustment but one thing at a time.
Adding to my stress I got to wondering why Tori was always wearing PJs around after I cleaned her drawers out of the 24 mth stuff with each laundry load. That's when I realized shhe had only one shirt.
So I made these two thing (plus one that came out too small.
The first is a play dress because pants and potty training don't always go together.

The second was made out of a night gown the mom got from the thrift store while she was here. Remember mom? So all the hard parts were already done... it's kind of hodgpog but they are play cloths so I don't mind.

Then ofcourse there's little mE's first date with Tal(only a little more than a week younger).

And last but nit least is me making use of the sling on a particularly clingy evening.


skinny minny said...

glad you adjusted your plans....they sounded a bit overwhelming. Like this plan better.

Texasblu said...

I remember those clingy times... now Adam wants to be with Nana all the time, so it's just Austin that clings. :(

hummer said...

I love the gown and yes I remember it. Awesome what you did with it.
You are just the most creative person.!