Feb 6, 2010

I think this is it....

This one is almost too small for her. But she likes the ABCs. I love this one because esentially it's just a square peice of fabric. (A stained one at that but Little T loved the bears. It's still a little big but it will last her for awhile.) I even did decorative stitching(that was the thing that took the longest!)

Last nigh T and Yrgysh played dress up.

Once upon a time An evil spell was cast upon a good fairy. Under the evil spell she atacked the good Prince.

The battle was long and firce! But at last, as the Prince concered the evil spell was broken and the good fairy was released.

And to celebrate the good fairy invited thw handsome Prince to a ball. And they danced the night away.
(Insert video of them dancing...stupid wouldn't upload...am too tired to keep trying)


Texasblu said...



(oops - had caps lock on!)

Laurie said...

Cute clothes, what ambition to take on making clothes for your little sweeties! Fun videos too, they make me smile :)

hummer said...

Bryan thought it was a good sword fight. I thought you all are funny.