Feb 2, 2010

Dietary Changes!!

I just got tired. Tired of wondering "Are these things really bad for my children?" "Why are we always coming down with just a little bit of something?" "Is my diet to blame for why I'm tired?"... so instead of wondering I'm just changing... I'm sure it will take time but here goes.
The things being "edited"
dairy (except yogurt unless Tex says that purity 12 can replace yogurt for enzyms.)
all but a little red meat.

Now before you all freak here's what I'm replacing it with.
whole grains quinoa,millet,brown rice, tapicoa, arrowroot, buckwheat
legums (this means thinking ahead unfortunatly but hopefully will reduce the cost for other areas.)
more calcium rich veggies
agave and honey (this means cutting back on sweet but at least not getting rid of it.)

I will be shooting to make it as cheep and easy as I can but.... I'll have to see how it goes..if youlike I can post.
If you want me to shut up I can do that too:)
I also know I need to spend atleast 30 min a day outside no matter the weathure (blizzards excepted) but that might wait till we've got the diet on tract.
what do yall think? Any suggestions?
I just made my first cookies..they might just be crumbs lol

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hummer said...

You go girl...post...outside (thumbs up)(Hope the man of the house is included)