Jan 29, 2010

Disclaimer... this is not a true story :)

It may seem strange to you but when you grow up that way it never occurs to you to mention it. You just assume that’s how it is in every family.
Dad would come home from work kiss us all and then take the littlest one from mom. She would give him an extra long kiss and whisper “Till we meet again.” Turn and walk out the sliding glass door. At some point each of us children tried to go with her or repeated her words to Dad. He didn’t think it was very funny or amusing. Which should have struck us as odd since he thought everything we did was amusing.
Then we would play with Dad for hours until mom came back in laughing and hugging us all with such tender exuberant kisses that we often squirmed in her arms.
Like I said, it never seemed strange to us. But one night, when I hit my quiet aloof stage, I watched mom leave. There were five of us by then and I guess I can thank my little brothers for distracting dad so he didn’t notice that I wasn’t with them in the family room.
She didn’t look back she just walked through the glass door and out onto the patio. It occurred to me for the first time that there was no way off the patio. So I followed aware of the tumultuous noise coming from behind me. She bowed her head and took a step toward the far end. At first I wondered why she was moving so slowly. But then I realized that she was much smaller. With every step grew inches shorter till at last she stood at the edge of the railing only inches high in a small leafy green dress. She looked quickly around and then I saw two misty wings spread out and she flew away into the foliage that surrounded our house.
My mom was a fairy.


hummer said...

That was great!

Texasblu said...

Cool. At first I thought you were writing about our real parents and I thought, "What the heck planet did she grow up on???" HA!

I am sooo behind in reading your blog. Sorry!

Maybelle said...

I thought the same thing as Texasblu! I was going, "Oh, did Mom work late hours? I never heard about that one." Then I thought "were there marriage problems? I never heard about that one either!" Then she turned into a fairy and I felt really stupid. lol