Jan 21, 2010

Blessing Day

It was my little one's special day. I spent a little over a month make the dress while I was pregnant with her. And we're so glad we didn't wait till the middle of March as she barly fits it now. Daddy loves his little girl.
Moomy and Daddy love their little girl.

Yrgysh's whole imdiate family was there.

We did it in the chaple at night and the kids where hard to rein in as they never get to run around the chaple normally.

Also our good friends from Logan were there.

I'm so glad our little mE has joined us!


Texasblu said...

Oh my gosh.... did you MAKE that????

mE said...

Yes. :)
Unfortunatly it was a whole lot easier than it looks but it was time consuming. But I love it! I think if I did it again I would make some adjustments to make it more refined.

hummer said...

I turned out beautiful. Sorry I was not there.