Jan 23, 2010

Another one of my wierd ones....

Sunrise filled Amy’s eyes with a warm glow. She thought of oranges, oranges and bacon, oranges bacon and…
“Are you ever getting up?”
Amy groaned and rolled over. Why did the universe permit siblings?
“I’m going to pee on you.” Especially younger brothers.
“Eww! Get away!”
“Mom said you have to take me to the bathrooms and I’m sick of waiting.”
Amy rubbed her eyes. They felt much better closed than they did open. “Aren’t you old enough to pee without someone holding your hand?”
“Yes, but I don’t want to have to deal with mom flipping out when I come back to camp without you. “ He folded his arms and smiled. “You should thank me. I’m saving you from getting chewed out too.”
“Thanks.” By now Amy had donned her flip flops, a robe, and her glasses. The restrooms were set up two camps over. All she had to do was step carefully and they’d make it with no problem.
Sam pushed the tent flap aside and Amy drew in her breath.
Earth still seemed so far away. Grey dust hovered from the motion of the tent flap but other than that everything was still. Amy’s hand went to her breathing collar instinctively. You could see how little air there was up here. The glasses even increased the clarity.
“Are you going to sit here goggling all day? I really got to go.”
Amy smiled at her brother. “I’ll beat you.”
“Whatev…” But Amy was already bouncing off. Sam tried to keep up but the ballet she had taken a year ago on earth had prepared her for the rythmn of the long steps unlike Sam’s track. The only thing her parents had done to prepare her for this place. The feel of almost weightlessness reminded her of the day before they had told them. She had finished first in a dance competition. Then that morning, the last time she had ever tasted fresh oranges and bacon, Dad told them that their family had been chosen to colonize. The moon soil came up beneath her like an unwanted shock of reality.
Sam had fallen, at least twice. He was covered in dust. Mom would be pissed. Amy laughed. “Oh well at least she wont be the only one.”
“Hey cute dog you got there.”
Amy turned around and saw an overly tall teen with white blond hair and dark green eyes. You wouldn’t think she’d notice his eye color that fast but when everyone you’ve seen for the last year has on visors you notice the eyes. Not to mention the way they seemed to glow in the unadulterated sun light. He smiled at her. She smiled back. She had heard of contacts that the scientists had been working on to replace the glasses, but she had expected them to be black or something. More freakiness to this freaky world. “Hi. I'm Amy.” He nodded. “I don’t think I’ve seen you in camp before.”
He shook his head. “Not in this one.” His smile grew a little more as he watched Sam stumble once more, the anger clearly increasing his clumsiness. “When I saw you running I thought perhaps I had seen you before, but I see you are one of them.”
“One of who?” Amy wondered if he might be older than he looked and was part of the science clan. “I’m from clan C.”
“Then you are one of them.” His face fell a little. “Well you are very elegant anyway. You would make a nice pet.” Amy stepped back awkwardly almost losing her balance. “Yes, come puppy.” He grabbed her arm gently. “I will not hurt you.” She felt herself relaxing. “There are too many dogs from earth. But you I will keep.” The world began to go black. “I will take you to home before we get rid of the rest.” His voice echoed as she fell.
Amy’s arm flung out with a jerk. She felt like she had just fallen a great distance.
The white sheets beneath her rustled as she turned over. She shook off the weird feeling the dream had left behind. You would think that winning a ballet contest would produce something happier. She could smell the bacon down stairs. She scrambled to throw on her robe. Then she heard her father’s voice.
“Hurry up kids. Your mother and I have something extremely important to tell you.”

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