Jan 28, 2010

Learning to keep my hands off.

When I wasyoung my mother pinched my pimples. Now I wouldn’t say this was uncommon. But, like others I know I became obsessive comulsivve about popping the little mounds of evil. Not only do I feel the need to pinch my own but I can’t keep my hands off my husband’s zits either. This has caused problems in our marriage. Woops. But he’s forgiving.
Now my little girls have those little white bumps that look like pimples but are really immature glands and if you pinch them it can leave scarring as well as damage the gland permanently. So no pinching, right? Right.
What about scratching?
I caught myself scratching at the glands to help the process along. At the same time I realized how much I was trying to “fix” my husband’s faults and I couldn’t help noticing and trying to quickly correct my daughter’s developmental ‘delays’.
I’m pinching them… not their faces.
And we all know what happens. You this you get the head out but you cause more damage underneath. That gave me pause to think…What would it hurt to let things take care of themselves? What damage was a causing by constantly picking and pinching?
Like the real habit the metaphorical habit is taking time and conscious effort to overcome but I think it’s working. Awake
Now if only I could keep my finger nails off my own face.

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