Jan 20, 2010

Ten things that make me Happy...

As I was invited to do so I shall.

1: Looking at my daughters. Seriously just looking at them makes me happy.
2: Knowing someone I love is progressing in a happy direction. You have no idea how that makes me wantto sing and dance.
3: Roses.
4: Beauty. Anything that is pretty or beautiful... espeshally those that make my heart acke.
5: When my husband smiles or laughs. It's espeshally happy making if it's because of something I said or did.
6: Trees... oh how I miss them. Their voices so long quiet in my head. I love to hear the trees talk.
7: Some one who "gets it". Anytime I find that someone understands even a part of what I'm thinking and gets it is so wonderufl.
8: Dancing... singing. It can sound horrid and look unbalanced but singing and dancing are the only way to express it.
9:When the words fall together. To capture anything with symbols of black and white in a way that you can't help but see, smell, or feel it.
10: Those moments when the spirit whispers to my heart and mind and for that second everything makes sense and I know...
I made it! I think I needed that today.

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