Aug 31, 2006

The first in the "Small moments" Series

Of Spanish and Hygiene

Joe drew closer to the mirror as she scraped the sleep out of her eyes. His body had not yet adjusted to this new early morning schedule, but he had to get up with her or she’d never make it to class. Mily sulked into the small bathroom blinking profusely against the light. Joe smiled at her as she tenderly rapped her arms around him. He loved the morning even if it was hard. “Do you want to read to me?” he asked in a hopeful voice. Mily smiled and nodded sitting on the lid of the toilet. “What do you want me to read?”
Joe looked at the bookshelf as a mischievous smirk spread across his lips. “This.” he said pulling out a little blue book with “El Libro de Mormon” written in gold on the front. She looked at him incredulously for a moment. Though Joe read and spoke Spanish she only spoke a little German. But the desire to learn was there so she opened the book with a shrug. “La historia de Lehi y su familia.” She read halteringly. “Is that right? Historia?”
Joe nodded putting on his mascara. “Only the “h” is silent.” Mily went back to reading running her hands through her short messy hair and asking pronunciation questions every now and again. Joe enjoyed every moment finally finishing the touches to his long blond hair and turning around. He sat in her lap and kissed her forehead gently.
This was what their mornings consisted of. Neither functioning perfectly but endearing themselves to each other in the process.

This story was based on a true story. The names of the individuals has been changed to protect their identities.

Thank you for your help

Because the support I recieved I figured out what to do about being totaly in love with Yrgysh... I married him :D and am more in madly in love with him than before but atleast now I know what to do about it :D....