Jun 27, 2008

The Concert pianist sings

Also she woke up with this doo yesterday... We called her Mohawk girl all morning... cracked me up!

Day at the beach

I tried to take a picture but found the video was on... but only for a second befor the power went out... Duh!

Among the Gaints!

When Venus came to visit we made the trip up to the Sequaias and feasted our eyes upon the One hundred Gaints trail.
It was beautiful and full of hidden fairy tales.
Nana found one big enough for a nice starter house. She had to move quickly incase it stepped on her!

This is MUCH taller than our houses!

It was so hot! even the trees were sagging!

This is a peice of artwork [by Unlce Alfred (one of the Hundred giants who had come for the giant family reunion party.) it's called "Tanggled"] It must have taken YEARS to create and then up root just right.

Here's one of us all together. I decided it was bigenough to build a boat the size of the Ark!

Jun 6, 2008

Doo Wop Shoo Wop

Little WiggE has begun to dance... Whether she pushes her button or we turn on Sesame Street music, she goes to town (Reminds me of GrandmommE's dancing)... I get way to much of a kick out of her... and him (hehe)

Going for walks

I like to walk with Daddy
I like to walk with Mom

But the time I like to walk the most
Is when together we're all gone

Ok so not my best rymning poetry... but cute huh?

Chasing DaddE

I don't know who had more fun with this... Yrgysh or little WigglE... but it's becoming a night time ritual.