Aug 25, 2011

LEt's see if this works.

Aug 6, 2011

And then it finally Happens!

Our little Wren arrived after a month of being told "any minute". Yes, we were told she would probably come early... Nope. But she was worth the wait. She came out screaming but once the nurses handed her over she had nothing but beautiful smiles for us.
Big sisters got to hold her on the second day even though they were both sick. But they were so happy to see little Wren and hold her. (We knew it was a bacterial infection for both of them and not contagious.)

I have to share this picture. With each of our babies Yrgysh has held them on his chest like this early on. He decided that new borns were his little tree frogs so he had me make a froggy hat. So this is Daddy and his little tree frog.