Mar 3, 2013

A story we wrote

Once there was a doggy.
The Doggies name was Victoria. Victoria was a magical ballerina girl. You see she is a person but she likes to spend her life as a puppy dog. She loves to dance on her four paws.
 She got so good at it she started to wear dance shoes on all four paws. But then when she wanted she turned into a Pony. She was so good at it she wore dance shoes on all four hooves.
And whenever she wanted to she turned into a kitten. Almost everywhere people would find her at the door saying, "Meow meow, let me in!" And they would say "AH! Talking kitty!
" And her parents had never found such a magical girl that she had adopted.
And one day she found a magical pony so she turned into a pony so they could fly, but that's another story.
The End