Feb 29, 2008

Little BirdE


I see through turbulrnt clouds
A future now hidden in shrouds
Of desire and hopes and dreams
A place more real than it seams

This dream they say is not real
True it can not be untill
In effort and toil I make
That dream true for my child's sake

my favorite video so far

Feb 22, 2008

Sadness... but still

The video did not apear to work so more fotos..

This last one is the project Yrgish did for our Christmas silhouettes... it looked like real stain glass...

Little Finger's Debut :D !

Here's Little Fingers(aka little wiggly, and Little Grappeling hook, Little Snuggly)! (Sporting a beautiful new hat)

Here she is just being happy... (you can turn off the sound for this one :) She's learning to crawl but makes more noise than progress still..