Dec 31, 2009

Promissed post...

We said "See you later" to Grandmommy a few days before Christmas...

Of course Little T tried to pretend to be Grandmommy's lugage and go with her... it didn't work.
We miss her :(

A day later Grandma J and Grandpa J came... Little T had lots of fun and Little mE got held to her heart's content... of course she still had gas and so Yrgysh and Grandpa J gave her a blessing... she's doing great now. :)
Opah came too and lightened everyone's days. He's got such a great sense of humor. :)

Little mE got dressed up...

And so did Little T...

You's think we had a house full of Christmas Princesses!
This was a great moment!

Dec 28, 2009

You know life is going to be interesting when...

Your daughter dresses up in a tinker bell outfit and then grabs a purse exclaiming "CAR!" and runs to fill her purse with hot wheels.
Your daughter is in the middle of throwing a fit and stops suddenly exclaiming "PLANE!" because she can hear one flying over.
Your daughter realizes the baby is missing and comes to feel your tummy... it came out of there it must be able to go back.

Just a few of the interest moments we've had today... do you think she's a engineer's daughter?

Did I mention that you can't get her atention at all if she's trying to figure something out?

Dec 24, 2009


And a Happy New Year!

Dec 15, 2009

Time Time, Who's got the time?

Often in talking to friends and family, I hear the complaint that there just isn't enough time.
Ushually I'm on the opposit side where I keep my schedule so free that I have to come up with projects just to feel productive. I do it on purpose because I want to be free for the most part to drop everything and do something more important if I should deem it so.

But this week I find myself with a problem. I've come up with projects (Christmas present and decorations) but I find my hands free only so often (a new baby seems to need lots of mommy holding time and the toddler seems to require what's left.).
Still I was progressing and I knew I'd atleast finish the presents in time for Christmas.... Then this morning I have felt like perhapse there is something more I should be doing....Something I can't seem to figure out ... because my mind keeps saying "Where is there time for anything else? Have you seen the kitchen? The laundry reallyy needs to be folded. You've been selfish this year and now you only have a week or so till you need to have all your ggifts ready..." and on and on.

I have the time... I just can't tell where to spend it, or how...
Presdent Uctdorph said that if I can be motivated by love of God and my fellow men everything else will work out.

So my Christmas goal is to figure out... how I can best show my love for God and His children.

Wish me luck. :)

Dec 9, 2009

Can I forget?

I wrote a poem... it vanished... ERG!

Dec 1, 2009

Little mE has arrived!

She showed up very quickly Last Sunday morning. It was a good thing we planned to have her at home as I don't know if we would have made it to the hospital. That being said I think I'd prefer a little bit of a slower labor... talk about taking your breath away.

This is my midwife and her asistent. They did get there in time and were wonderfully helpful.
After the birth my blood presure wouldn't come up so I was pale and consind to laying down....Didn't stop me from getting my snuggles in.

Here Yrgysh is still wet from the birthing tub. Little T looks shell shocked in all the pictures but she was running around laughing and saying "baby!". In this picture she had grabbed her baby (a stuffed dog) to mimick the real baby.

She is lovely though and already to joy to us all. Little T adores her (so long as she doesn't take her spot.) And Yrgysh spend several minutes dayly just staring contentedly at her.

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