Mar 19, 2008

My Man

This was done under coercion... isn't he AWESOME though?!?!
It's nice to know a little kiss from me and...

Little CrawlE

More like monuvering but she gets where she wants to go...

Doesn't Yrgysh have nice eyes?
Where do you think Little WigglE got 'em? :D

Little BouncE

She starting her up and down phase already... I thought that wsn't suposed to come till teenage years? :O!

Mar 18, 2008

Wide is the Path... dum dum dum....

Walking along all happy like one day...

There was something on the ground... like a ...stogy?

I pick it up...put it in my mouth...

Take a few puffs... but...

YUCK! Forget that!... I'm headed back to the straight and narrow!

New Videos

Bouncing with DaddE

Latest of the cute pics

1=Grandma and Grandpa with all the little GirlEs.

2= Yes I have a cute bum :)

3=Pure mommy torture :D

4=Does this hat make my head look small?