Apr 18, 2007

It's a Girl!

What magic to feel
Your insides reel
To know that she is REAL
How fun to see her poke and kick
How beautiful to know
She so presious now to me
Is still more presious to Him

Not my best poem ever but I wrote it just now so there.
I love my little girl... I know she's been in my life since atleast last september... though probably much longer. And I am grateful for her. She is kicking me now and it doesn't feel as funny as I thought it would. It is nice to know that the Lord led me here many years after I had wanted it... and yet not a moment too late. Because back in September I felt she would come in August or Sept... I had just hoped it ment she would be concieved then, but she didn't come till it was her time. IF I had been married any sooner to anyone else... she might not have been mine. I am glad of the wait.