Feb 16, 2010

As Sister in Zion (Happy Valentine’s Day)

Growing up Valentine’s day was all about boys and being in love and getting and giving gifts that included roses and chocolates etc. Usually there was a box of those little hearts with saying on them. I would shake the box and say, pulling one out. “This is what my true love is thinking about me right now.” It’s amazing what Joel thought about me when we hadn’t even met. LOL!
Then I hit the “Singles awareness day” phase. When the thought of Valentine’s day struck fear into my heart, and everything felt a little more depressing, another year without the roses or the chocolates, or even a boyfriend to forget.
Then I got married and guess what, no roses or chocolates. We didn’t forget. He looked at me with a twinkle in his eye as Little T crawled into our bed and said “Happy Valentines day.” I responded in kind and that was enough.
But something happened that reminded me of every good Valentines day I’ve ever had. I said something stupid in Relief Society. You know, one of those statements that if taken wrong can make a lot of people think there are bigger problems than there are. Yeah. I’m brilliant. But then something wonderful happened. At least three sisters made sure to not let the day go by without offering some sort of support. I know I could have been offended or thought how insincere they were for only making this show when they thought something was wrong. But it touched my heart so deeply that they would come running to my aid. That if the problem was there they would run to help, it took my breath away. IT also amazed me that I could feel so loved when in actuality it was the Savoir they were loving. They felt prompted and were so anxious to be His servant that they heard and headed that prompting quickly.
Then Little T’s adopted Grandma came and helped us make sugar cookies and we had a little chocolate, she’s so much fun.
So, as I Was sitting there that night thinking over the events of the day, I took the time to go further back and think of all the good Valentine’s Days I’ve had. And you know what? None of them have involved roses or chocolates etc. Some have included cupcakes and sugar cookies. But they have always been the product of the sisterly love shared between me and my sisters (whether adopted, through relief society, or my own wonderful sisters) IT is amazing the love and that you can partake of without a man in your life. And it’s amazing how that love is continued to be needful when that man has come.
I hope if I miss hear or hear aright , that I go running to let my sister know she’s loved!

Feb 6, 2010

I think this is it....

This one is almost too small for her. But she likes the ABCs. I love this one because esentially it's just a square peice of fabric. (A stained one at that but Little T loved the bears. It's still a little big but it will last her for awhile.) I even did decorative stitching(that was the thing that took the longest!)

Last nigh T and Yrgysh played dress up.

Once upon a time An evil spell was cast upon a good fairy. Under the evil spell she atacked the good Prince.

The battle was long and firce! But at last, as the Prince concered the evil spell was broken and the good fairy was released.

And to celebrate the good fairy invited thw handsome Prince to a ball. And they danced the night away.
(Insert video of them dancing...stupid wouldn't upload...am too tired to keep trying)

Feb 5, 2010

Adjustment of plans...

Well. After some thought (and a little pulling out of my hair)Yrygsh and I realized that we had already made the gluten adjust last year. It's taken a year to both be ok with it as a permanant situation and to learn how to work with the replacement foods. So one down, YAY!
So in light of that information we decided to take the next adjustments just as slow. This coming year we will edit out sugar replacing it with agave. In the years to come we will furthure the adjustment but one thing at a time.
Adding to my stress I got to wondering why Tori was always wearing PJs around after I cleaned her drawers out of the 24 mth stuff with each laundry load. That's when I realized shhe had only one shirt.
So I made these two thing (plus one that came out too small.
The first is a play dress because pants and potty training don't always go together.

The second was made out of a night gown the mom got from the thrift store while she was here. Remember mom? So all the hard parts were already done... it's kind of hodgpog but they are play cloths so I don't mind.

Then ofcourse there's little mE's first date with Tal(only a little more than a week younger).

And last but nit least is me making use of the sling on a particularly clingy evening.

Feb 2, 2010

Dietary Changes!!

I just got tired. Tired of wondering "Are these things really bad for my children?" "Why are we always coming down with just a little bit of something?" "Is my diet to blame for why I'm tired?"... so instead of wondering I'm just changing... I'm sure it will take time but here goes.
The things being "edited"
dairy (except yogurt unless Tex says that purity 12 can replace yogurt for enzyms.)
all but a little red meat.

Now before you all freak here's what I'm replacing it with.
whole grains quinoa,millet,brown rice, tapicoa, arrowroot, buckwheat
legums (this means thinking ahead unfortunatly but hopefully will reduce the cost for other areas.)
more calcium rich veggies
agave and honey (this means cutting back on sweet but at least not getting rid of it.)

I will be shooting to make it as cheep and easy as I can but.... I'll have to see how it goes..if youlike I can post.
If you want me to shut up I can do that too:)
I also know I need to spend atleast 30 min a day outside no matter the weathure (blizzards excepted) but that might wait till we've got the diet on tract.
what do yall think? Any suggestions?
I just made my first cookies..they might just be crumbs lol