Aug 15, 2010

The water hole!

Just quick!
Memories of water holes.
I grew up on a mom and pop farm. Lots of FUN!
Including swimming in the pond in the back. Yep the same small pond we fished in. :) Two memories from that are: 1. looking up and seeing a water moccasin going back under the murky water (got out pretty fast!), and 2. using thick foam boards as boats to sail across.
Another place I loved to swim were the puddles in the drive way. I remember crawling along my belly and puddle hopping in my swim suit. Then standing up and looking down my front. The swim suit hadn't kept out the sludge...muddy all down!
But my favorite was watching Little Mrs Sunshine and my older brother taking running leaps at boards perched at the edge of two large puddles and going "surfing" across. I tried it for years but never managed their proficiency.