Jul 29, 2009


Was found to be healthy and (as far as we can tell) happy. She likes to suck on her fingers and she doesn't hold still for either cameras or fetal heart montors.

Jul 16, 2009


I was thinking about Mary and MArtha today listening to some music and I had an Ah.
I've often heard these two women discussed in classes and private. Always the conclution is that Martha wasn't bad she was just too occupied in the worldly things. Preparing for this feast (or whatever) was more important to her than listening to the Savior. But what if...
What if deep in her heart all Martha desporatly wanted was to please her Lord? Everything she ws doing was in an effort to lighten His load and bring him joy. She was doing everything a Jewess had been taught to bring honor and delight to his Heart. What if the only thing she was missing wasn't over care for things of the world but a lack of understanding that the best way to please the Lord is to get to know him? Then all the duties we take on for this world will be nothing but a joy to Him. Until we come to know Him though... He watches as we go back and forth trying to please Him and wonders when we will see Him standing there waiting to help.

Jul 15, 2009

Beyond the Mists (another short story)

Once, far across the lake, a fog lay thick and immovable, concealing an island. The people of the nearby village would often look up as they went about their day to see if the fog would lift. And when it did, driven by some unfelt gust of wind, there appeared at the edge of an island shore, a woman of surpassing beauty. She stood with her hands out stretched to any who looked upon her.

Some said she pleaded for rescue. Others knew that she offered herself and their greatest desires. But the only thing each held in his heart was the need to reach and win the apparition for himself. Year after year men and young men vanished soon after an appearance. Year after year men were found murdered by friend or foe in the desperate fight to reach her first.

Mothers told their children of the temptress that lived across the lake. They warned never to look or their heart too would be consumed by the fire that had destroyed so many. For not a woman in the village had not lost a brother or son or, in some horrific cases, their very own husbands.
The children grew and told each other frightening tales of the witch. Little children wouldn’t go near the lake shore to play let alone look across to the foggy waters. The village withdrew from the evil. Women found new streams to wash their clothes. Men found new rivers to fish and hunt near. The children grew to fear and loathe the thought of even looking south toward the lake.

A great forest grew up around the lake. The children became parents and told their children of the witch that lived across the lake on the other side of the forest. They told of how their father’s and Uncles were lost to her hideous grasp.
Their children grew and they told their children of the witch who lived in the forest who was haggard and would eat their hearts if they wandered too far in.
These children grew and found these stories as quaint, traditional ways of keeping their children safe. They themselves had played in at the edge of the forest growing up and had of course never seen a witch. They told the stories around the fire late at night and at special times of year. It was part of their tradition that had been well kept. But when their smallest daughter came running in the night, crying of a nightmare, they took her in their arms and assured her there was no witch and these were only stories, nothing more. For indeed that’s all they were.

One day a young man sat with his friends on the edge of the forest, just as they sat on the edge of their manhood. “I wonder what the world holds for us.” He pondered.
“No more than it held for our fathers.” Came a lazy reply.
“Why shouldn’t it? What is stopping us from being greater than they?”
“They have done all there is to do.”
“Have they?”
“What do you propose?”
The young man smiled and answered. “This forest here could provide good income should we choose to chop it down. But think even further. To go to the city we must walk around it. Why not chop it down and make a road to the city. We shall be rich and our town would appoint us as rulers they will prosper so much as well.”
Much pleased with this idea the young men set about planning it all out. The elders of the village opposed them greatly at first. Tradition held that the forest was evil. In their hearts they felt anxiety at going in the face of what they had always known. But the boys were persistent and soon persuaded the leaders with thoughts of the money that would flow into the village. While the oldest of them warned and bemoaned the traditions being abandoned.
Free at last to follow their hearts the young men set to work. Tree after tree fell to the laughter of boys building their dreams on wisdom their forerunners had not possessed. Recalling the witch of the fairy tales and actively cutting down the bondage she represented.

Till one day they came upon the shores of the lake. Whole new possibilities rang in their minds. Soon half the town had moved into new homes built with the lumber down nearer to the lake. New boats were built and fisher men rejoiced in the abundance of the catches. Ferries built and began moving across the lake as the road to the city was completed on the other side. Commerce from the city made the village prosperous beyond their imagination. And the young man, now older, was made governor of village which had now grown into a city itself.
Everyone was so happy coming and going they rarely looked toward the distant patch of fog that never seemed to lift. As prosperity grew a pleasure boat was made and people road just for fun to look about the lake. The governor’s daughter went excitedly. Upon that first voyage the ship never returned. Many looked day after day expecting them to return from the misty side of the lake. Then a slight breeze caressed the curtains aside, there stood a lovely young woman with her hands out stretched.
None restrained themselves, boy and girl alike, all were lost in the murky depths trying to reach that distant shore.
Again it happened. and again. Till like a plague only those who had remained in the old village were left to morn the loss and replant the forest.

The first crytic on this one said "You don't write happy stories do you?"
My reply "I didn't feel happy tpday. It's suposed to be profound."
His reply "This would go well in a phylosophy class." I guess that's a compliment? LOL

Jul 9, 2009

Goodnews...a short story

As Dawn Aproaches

Thus when Dawn aproches the night must flee away.
Bringing with her grace and beauty
And the unforgiving Day.

Like midnight he crept with unperceivable speed to see what strange group had invade his relm. A hooded cloak masking his identity and blending him further into the darkness that permeated the dense wood. The hunted must not be seen, even if the huntress was not in site.
“We shall be home soon.” The Lady in the center said in a smallish frightened voice. No one answered but the horses. Her white fur lined cloak rippled softly making it seem as though she were aglow in the dim candle light. Her face like his was hidden beneath a large hood. She was at the center of the secrecy that pervaded this group’s purpose. He must watch, follow till their purpose be known or their presence departed.

A large clysdale carrying an equally large man trotted excitedly back along the ranks. “Your Highness, the way is clear. We’ve found no evidence of an ambush.”
“Very good. Then we shall…”
A scream broke through the night air like the first spark in a flash fire. Thuds and moans mingled with fresh screams of terror as horses pranced wildly out of control causing as much of the confusion as the attack.
The cloaked figure reached for a nearby branch and swung himself upward. Ascending quickly thirty feet into the stately pine canopy. The whole desperate scene lay below him.
Men and horses on the path were quickly falling. Some tried to flee others shot their arrows though their wild darting eyes saw no one.

In the trees, about ten feet below him other intruders shot carefully taking down their marks with an easy that spoke of long experience. They were few of number but their tactic did not call for numbers.
These must be the danger the stars had warned him of.
A high pitched female scream pierced his ears causing him to lose his grip for a moment. Looking back he saw the white flowing figure being unceremoniously wrenched from her mount and trust over the front of the saddle of the monstrous horse. The man threw his head back and laughed, a sound which bellowed his triumph above the quickly fading din of agony.
The warning had said danger was coming. He had assumed it meant danger to him. Without wasting another moment he swept down from the trees. His momentum allowing him to knock two of the archers from their perch. Moments later he landed in a crouch with a sickening crack, the two men pinned unmoving beneath him.
“Release her.” He hissed, his voice carrying like an ever fading never dyeing echo. The man high above just laughed and pulled his stallion into a full rear.
Dodging the flailing hooves, the cloaked one pushed off the trunk of a nearby tree and thrust himself at the giants and his load. The three plummeted to the ground landing in a heap. The giant at the bottom. Not waiting for the temporarily still figure to move, he swept the lady up and spirited her away.

A sharp night breeze informed him they had reached the edge of the forest and as far as he dared go.
Slowing to a stop he set her down. Her cloak still covered all but her delicate lips. Patting her hand gently he called her back to consciousness. “My Lady, My Lady. I must leave you now but my friends the stars will protect you.”
A perverse smile spread across the seemingly tender lips. “No they shant.” The man jerked back as the familiar voice assaulted his ears. “They shall flee from the sky as they have always done.” Slender glowing fingers reached up to touch the hood. “Ten years of never ending darkness is too longer brother Night. And yet you made this hunt especially good. But I have won at last.” With a flick of the fingers and one last shudder of horror and disbelief from him, her hood fell and a radiant light burst forth.
And he knew that his rein was over for Dawn was upon him.

This art work was found through google search no infringment on right was intended. The only one who I know I borrowed from was by Liga marta Klavina (the man and woman on horse back.)

Jul 8, 2009

does this segment get too boring?

“I’m sorry miss.”
“That’s all right, I’m just jumpy tonight. It’s not every night you’re forced upon some unsuspecting Noble man.”
“Now daughter,” Mother. “That’s not how it is.”
“Then how is it Mother?”
“We’re just giving them the opportunity to do what they haven’t had the chance to do. I’m sure before the night is out you’ll see how sought after you are. You just intimidate them.”
The intimidation line. Why do guys always get that excuse? If a guy is incredible we’re expected to swoon. And females are supposed to believe that a guy is going to run if the girl is too wonderful?
“I know mother. I’ll try to be less splendid tonight.”
“MaryAnn, can you do something with her hair?” My maid curtsies, failing to mention that she just finished ‘doing something’ with my hair ten minutes ago after unsuccessfully working at it for an hour. My bottom is getting sore.
“Mother, I look as good as I’m going to. This make up couldn’t be thicker and only ten of my moles are showing. I think Mary Ann has done a wonderful job.” As good as anyone could.
“You’re right.” Mother sighs. “What would we do without you MaryAnn?” My maid curtsies again and leaves with a nod. Off to help fair pampered White with her hair. She’ll only take ten minutes. Of course soon MaryAnn will be just Snow White’s maid and I’ll have to find someone new. I wonder if in my new home we’ll be able to find someone who specializes in plating straw?
“Don’t look at yourself like that.”
“How am I looking at myself mother?”
“Like you’re criticizing every inch of you.”
“Well I figure I’d join the party.”
“None of us…”
“I know mother, it’s just hard living among the exceptionally beautiful.”
“You are beautiful too.” She almost whispers it. I guess it’s hard to lie out loud.
“Let’s go down. Not long now. Any special guests entering with us?”
“A young Earl your brother brought back with him.”
“Is Charming back?”
“Yes,” She laughs. “I forgot to tell you. He’s been home for two hours and is dying to see you.”
My younger brother. He might be better looking than all of us but he never makes me feel awkward like Charmant, my older brother, does. He’s been gone a long time on diplomatic missions.
“I’ll see you in the hall mother!” I kiss her cheek and fly down stairs. “Charming!” Perhaps not the most ladylike entrance but I really don’t care. If Charming had been here this ball wouldn’t be happening.
The overly tall doors stand open. No one shuts them if they don’t need to. I sprint in. Mary Ann might have to touch my hair up before the ball. “Charming?” my voice echoes through the large study. One wall is all window and the other two are covered in portraits of the family. The room is large enough for three widely separated arrangements of furniture. Each harmonious yet different. We use the room for entertaining guests before and after a long journey as it is near the entrance to the guest wing and the kitchen for quick refreshments. I hear a chuckle in the far corner.
“Sis…” He stands up and opens his arms. I run into them knocking a little wind out of him. “Not changed a bit.”
“You’ve been doing enough for both of us.” I stand back and look at him. My little brother isn’t so little. “In which kingdom do they eat frogs?” He raises an eye brow. “You must have eaten one I can still hear him croaking down there.” Charming just laughs. “So did you hear about the fiasco?”
“The ball? Yes, my friend is looking forward to it. I’m glad they planned it so well. Timing couldn’t have been better.”
“Did you hear the point?”
“Ah! Earl Wall, may I introduce my sister?”
I turn around to see a very green eyed man walking toward me. I would tell you more but his eyes almost glow.
“Lady … it is my great pleasure to meet you at long last.” Wow this guy’s bumping up the charm. I wonder what his political agenda is?
“Sis was just telling me about the ball. Did you know that some lucky man is going to get her hand in marriage tonight?” I feel my face go red. There goes the makeup job.
“May I ask whom I am dueling tomorrow for fair maiden’s hand?” I’m not sure there’s any color in my face now. Dang this whole silent women thing!
“Ah that’s the mystery. We shant know till the night is ended.”
“Then perhaps I shall have the chance of stealing her heart before it is too late.” Charming slaps the Earls back and they take their places as though to sit down. That’s my queue to either park it or leave. I hesitate. I want to take off but I’m curious. I sit.
They begin to talk about the guest apartments and I am free to observe. His nose is long but his chin is strong. Father always says to look at the chin for a good ruler. Jet black hair… no there are auburn streaks, how interesting. His fingers are long and slender, not something you see in the nobility these days. You need large hands to wield the knight’s swords. His voice… what is he saying?
“Of course it is strange to inherit a throne when one has been brought up to be an Earl. But I guess I’ll have to get used to it.” He’s going to be a King? That would explain everything. He’s wooing me and my brother because as a new, and probably unexpected, king he’ll need strong allies. Well at least now I can stop blushing.
“Lords,” I stand, my head hurts and I need my hair fixed again. “I shall see you in the hall.”

I can hear the commotion. It’s thrilling but tonight it’s also petrifying. If only I didn’t have to go in there.
Charming offers his arm. And the doors begin to open. The familiar voice of our announcer booms out.
“His Highness King Charmant the first. Her royal highness Queen Beauty. His highness Prince Charmant the second and his Lady Princess White. Prince Charming and the Lady … . The Earl of Wall of the Kingdom of Glass.
The guests are watching as we glide by. I hope I’m gliding. The women with their hats like horns and the men with their mustaches like cats that forgot to move when the men got up that morning.
“They really should look into mirrors before they come to these events.” Comes the silken voice from behind us. I giggle wondering if he had been thinking something similar.
Charming removes his arm as he leaves me by my throne. The room is going to look lopsided when I’m gone and my chair is removed.
Three strikes on the marble floor and the orchestra begin again. I am free to sit.
For the first time I’m grateful no one knows the point of this evening. It would be hard to have everyone staring and whispering. Now instead I can watch. Swirling dresses in rhythmic grace flow in waves across the vast hall. A long line of Lords and Ladies are being brought forward to be introduced to the entire family. My parents subtle way of getting to see each option one at a time and let me see too. But I really don’t care. I’d rather only give the amount of attention required. They will choose for me, why get my hopes up?
The Earl of Wall gets up and leads me to the floor. It really is good of him, sucking up or no sucking up.