Dec 31, 2009

Promissed post...

We said "See you later" to Grandmommy a few days before Christmas...

Of course Little T tried to pretend to be Grandmommy's lugage and go with her... it didn't work.
We miss her :(

A day later Grandma J and Grandpa J came... Little T had lots of fun and Little mE got held to her heart's content... of course she still had gas and so Yrgysh and Grandpa J gave her a blessing... she's doing great now. :)
Opah came too and lightened everyone's days. He's got such a great sense of humor. :)

Little mE got dressed up...

And so did Little T...

You's think we had a house full of Christmas Princesses!
This was a great moment!

Dec 28, 2009

You know life is going to be interesting when...

Your daughter dresses up in a tinker bell outfit and then grabs a purse exclaiming "CAR!" and runs to fill her purse with hot wheels.
Your daughter is in the middle of throwing a fit and stops suddenly exclaiming "PLANE!" because she can hear one flying over.
Your daughter realizes the baby is missing and comes to feel your tummy... it came out of there it must be able to go back.

Just a few of the interest moments we've had today... do you think she's a engineer's daughter?

Did I mention that you can't get her atention at all if she's trying to figure something out?

Dec 24, 2009


And a Happy New Year!

Dec 15, 2009

Time Time, Who's got the time?

Often in talking to friends and family, I hear the complaint that there just isn't enough time.
Ushually I'm on the opposit side where I keep my schedule so free that I have to come up with projects just to feel productive. I do it on purpose because I want to be free for the most part to drop everything and do something more important if I should deem it so.

But this week I find myself with a problem. I've come up with projects (Christmas present and decorations) but I find my hands free only so often (a new baby seems to need lots of mommy holding time and the toddler seems to require what's left.).
Still I was progressing and I knew I'd atleast finish the presents in time for Christmas.... Then this morning I have felt like perhapse there is something more I should be doing....Something I can't seem to figure out ... because my mind keeps saying "Where is there time for anything else? Have you seen the kitchen? The laundry reallyy needs to be folded. You've been selfish this year and now you only have a week or so till you need to have all your ggifts ready..." and on and on.

I have the time... I just can't tell where to spend it, or how...
Presdent Uctdorph said that if I can be motivated by love of God and my fellow men everything else will work out.

So my Christmas goal is to figure out... how I can best show my love for God and His children.

Wish me luck. :)

Dec 9, 2009

Can I forget?

I wrote a poem... it vanished... ERG!

Dec 1, 2009

Little mE has arrived!

She showed up very quickly Last Sunday morning. It was a good thing we planned to have her at home as I don't know if we would have made it to the hospital. That being said I think I'd prefer a little bit of a slower labor... talk about taking your breath away.

This is my midwife and her asistent. They did get there in time and were wonderfully helpful.
After the birth my blood presure wouldn't come up so I was pale and consind to laying down....Didn't stop me from getting my snuggles in.

Here Yrgysh is still wet from the birthing tub. Little T looks shell shocked in all the pictures but she was running around laughing and saying "baby!". In this picture she had grabbed her baby (a stuffed dog) to mimick the real baby.

She is lovely though and already to joy to us all. Little T adores her (so long as she doesn't take her spot.) And Yrgysh spend several minutes dayly just staring contentedly at her.

Two things

One I'm trying to add links to my page so please send me your blog adress so I can add it.
Two: Any sujestions on how to custamize my back ground?

Sep 2, 2009

The men in her life...

There are three men in my life. Fathers, Noble Priesthood bearers true.
Once they held me in a circle and blessed my life with Heaven's view.

Now daily I know my needs are provided for.

Through faith and example they teach me just what to do...

Here's a few things they taught me that I can say are true.

Don't hide in your shell... smile at the world!

Take a joke and make a joke ... but keep on laughing no matter how old.

Stand in Holy places for the closer you are to the Temple, the closer you are to Home.

Dance through life with the ones you love because dancing solo is no fun... no matter how much attention you get.

There is beauty in all of life and magic to be learned in every trial, when faced with your hand in the Lord's.

there are Knights in shining armor all around me... So that I may know one when I see one.

Have patients with those you are teaching... they're likely to fling the flour. But in the end the pancakes taste better for the time well spent.

No matter where you're at... you can wear a hat, like life, with style...

And the hat that fits is the one that brings joy to all around.

So now I'll pick up the hat they have passed down to me. I'll learn from lessons of their lives that encircle me and know Heaven has blessed me.

One is GREAT!... Two is BETTER!!!!!

Happy Birthday to Little T! At Grandma J's with Cousin A.
Blowing out the candles... she blew her own out... without spitting!! Adopted Grandma did the cake.. beautifully! The dress that adopted Grandma got her.

Dress that Grandma J got her... for her Queen training to begin. :)

Aug 18, 2009

Another Outburst

I just read some athiest comments to a song I like. Then... in seeking to feel something other than sad and depressed... I went to the LDS channel and listened to some comments about never being alone.
I can not discribe the feelings I have inside. I know when I listen/or read the words of those who call religion a "crutch", a "way to fill up your empty lives", "for the week"... I feel week, depressed, aloneness in their words.
There is no joy, just critisisim and mockery. I also read some responses from those who are anxious to "correct" their opinion and feel, anger and the need to be right.
When I go over and hear simple stories of God teaching eternal truths, it is freeing, so peacful and full of quiet joy and dignaty.

I have my own story. It is growing every day. I know that my knowledge is imperfect and would only be derided by those who make those kinds of comments. It would truly hurt me to post something sacred to me and be told I am a "moron"... or something simular. I wish to state here where it is my place to be and say the truth...

I know there is a God. He has spoken to my heart in a way I could never deny. I do not understand His ways fully but I know He is teaching me. I love Him and His Son with all my heart.

Aug 15, 2009

I'm going to do/say something I don't usually do....

I'm going to speak my mind.... It may be long it may be short but here goes.
I've just read an article I saw on a news line. It makes me incredibly sad. It literally makes me hurt to see people use the media to present one side of a story while using a few twisted comments to make it seem as though they are sharing both sides.
Why did I vote "yes" to 8? I did it for two reasons.
1... get this I know it's going to be hard to swallow... The Prophet said. I try to make my voting a spiritual thing. I want the Lord to lead this country, I should allow Him to lead my voting. If I sustain the President of the church as a Prophet (which I do) if he stands up and speaks out about something political (a VERY rare thing) I take notice and obey.
2... I would have voted "yes" anyway... after much debate of both sides... and trying to understand why the church would take this stand I realized two things. One was that under California law partners recieve all the same benifites that married people do. There for no "rights" are with held except the right to be called "married". So why should they push so hard to be called married? Then they have to deal with divorce and they have a high split up rate... It didn't make sense. Until I realized that they could then come and say "We have the "right" to be married." And any institution that said "no" could be put under legal action as having denied them their "rights". ... Why did Wilford Woodruff instruct the saints to stop practicing polygamy? Because it would have stopped the work of the temples. Why do I personally think we were told to fight so hard against this legislation? Because it had the possiblity of stopping the temple work in those areas...
Now that being said, I do not think that was the motive behind most of the supporters. I think most of them are people who are hurting and want to be seen as normal, good people. I think most of them are good poeple. I will not deny I am a bit of a homofobe... I don't like it about myself but it bothers me.. makes me sad for them. Would I like to be seen that way? No. Would I like others to see me as normal and aceptable? Yes. So, my heart goes out to those who are truly hurting. I wish I could make everything ok... but I can not. All I can do is love you and offer my support in rightous things. I could not support my loved ones in smoking and/or drugs... how could I in true love support someone in something that is as detrimental to their spirits? Yet I can love them. Period. I do not believe in "Love me, love my dog."

So there. I have spoken. I have many other opionions on many other topics but after reading that story and realizing how it was being used to misrepresent... I felt the need to represent myself.

Jul 29, 2009


Was found to be healthy and (as far as we can tell) happy. She likes to suck on her fingers and she doesn't hold still for either cameras or fetal heart montors.

Jul 16, 2009


I was thinking about Mary and MArtha today listening to some music and I had an Ah.
I've often heard these two women discussed in classes and private. Always the conclution is that Martha wasn't bad she was just too occupied in the worldly things. Preparing for this feast (or whatever) was more important to her than listening to the Savior. But what if...
What if deep in her heart all Martha desporatly wanted was to please her Lord? Everything she ws doing was in an effort to lighten His load and bring him joy. She was doing everything a Jewess had been taught to bring honor and delight to his Heart. What if the only thing she was missing wasn't over care for things of the world but a lack of understanding that the best way to please the Lord is to get to know him? Then all the duties we take on for this world will be nothing but a joy to Him. Until we come to know Him though... He watches as we go back and forth trying to please Him and wonders when we will see Him standing there waiting to help.