Apr 17, 2008

You should turn the sound off of this one :)

My man wasv playing with a Gyroscope the other day and I thought this was really cool... if a little long... but Little WigglE wanted attention so her voice is a little demanding in the back ground. lol

Little WigglE finds the Button

Anytime we set her down in her room latly she high tales it over to her pink button.

Little DressE

I'n't she cute!
I had too show off... what mother doesn't?
And that bow actually stayed in her hair most of the day! :o!

HairE Day

Sometimes Little WigglE gets down about having no hair.
So she desided to look for a wig...
This looks fluffy...

Mommy has enough hair to spare..

Oh well guess I'll have to wait... in the mean time...little bows!

Apr 2, 2008

Radmon moments

I caught her eating her sock the other day... really!

And she decided she was going to pick up Mommies project and finish it for her...unfortunatly her idea of crocheting involved alot of gumming...

And the LittlE family.

An...unknown... gift

Many years ago my Brother-in-law gave me a kit to make a Horse named Winne...Winne was rather large and un natural...
This is Winne's Daughter though...made from the same pattern but with many more years of expereince in the makers fingers.
So even though he didn't know it We thought we'd say thank you for one of Little WigglE's favorite toys...
Thank you RedBeard!

Little WigglE's Friends

came over to have dinner and play...
Joel was playing with them and took this video... unfortunatly they saw the camera and possed... but he got a few seconds.

Then ofcourse there was when they found out Little WigglE's seat makes a great helmet and My mann's Hoberman Sphere was a great skirt...they crack me up and ofcourse Little WigglE finds them fasinating!


It took us several shots to get this... butit was so much fun

Play Time

Daddy and I
Together we learn
He of gentle patience
I of all the world

Daddy and I
Together we play
Games of his childhood
Now part of mine

Daddy and I
Together we Laugh
Together we cry
Together forever
He and I

Little WigglE On the Farm

Umm... GOATS!


A flower... What do you do with this?...

Wear it ofcourse!

Ummm... I'm not sure how I feel about all this....

Joel and I are trying to train Little WigglE for farm life... but she deffinatly likes the animals more than the plant life... all it's good for is eating...duh. LOL

Happy Easter

Tori's got enough hair for pig tails!!!...Well JUST enough hair for pig tails :)

I asked Joel to take a picture with me and Tori and this is what I got :p

I'm a much better Photographer

Do you smell it? Or EAT it?!?!